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New to SAS

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So you are new to SAS and you need to know how to get started with this exciting, but complex software tool. Here are some resources that have proven to be useful to others in your position.

Getting out of the Blocks

  • The Little SAS Book by Lora D. Delwiche and Susan J. Slaughter
    You absolutely must have this book when getting started.

OnLine Resources

  • Sasopedia on
    Contains hundreds of contributions by SAS users from around the world.
  • The Lex Jansen website
    This site contains the largest online collection of indexed papers presented at most Regional, National, and International user group conferences.
  • SQUIDOO has a number of links for SAS users.
  • UCLA has posted a number of tutorials, sample data sets, and statistical problems.

Group Discussions and Forums

  • SAS Forums hosted by SAS Institute. Post a question or just browse.
  • SAS-L is a world wide community of SAS users that have been working together to help SAS users solve SAS problems. This is probably the oldest continual online SAS community.

Newsletters Newsletters can be an interesting source of tips and general knowledge.

  • Amadeus Software produces monthly newsletters which are archived on their site.
  • San Diego SAS User Group publishes a quarterly newsletter with on going series of tips, puzzles, and items of interest.

Books Written by SAS Users

  • SAS Press has hundreds of titles. Most are written by users and tend to be example oriented.
  • Author searches are available when you know the author's name.

Enterprise Guide

Blogs related to SAS

  • Blog Planet is a blog consolidator on