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ODS Technology for Todays Decision Makers

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ODS Technology for Todays Decision Makers


Sunil Gupta,

- CDISC for Medical Device Team (Industry Expert)

- Subject Matter Expert for Edit Check Design Principles Chapter in Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP)

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Have you ever wondered why there has been so much excitement about ODS ever since it was introduced? How does ODS significantly enhance the presentation quality of reports and create files that were never before possible from SAS? Have you ever thought about how ODS can directly improve your daily activities and what it actually has to offer you as a programmer, statistician or manager?

If you have ever had any of these questions about ODS, then this presentation is for you because it provides something for everyone at all levels. As a programmer, you can now create most any file types directly from SAS. In addition, the level of control and flexibility to format the output enables a higher degree of customization. As a statistician, you will want to take advantage of ODS for more efficient data analysis. The tools available in ODS facilitate multiple iterations of an analysis and ease of locating significant results. As a manager, you have various options to view and analyze your data and reports. Managers can access complex hierarchy of drill-down HTML or PDF files for a better understanding of the data or custom excel files with ODS’s latest technology. This paper does not include new features of SAS version 9.13.

Quotes from SAS Users

"I was very impressed by your presentation regarding ODS Decision Making. Your presentation for ODS solution is very useful and practical in current daily work. It gives me many answers to the questions I have when use ODS in SAS version 9.13. I am glad to attend his presentation and thank you for sharing the presentation."

Janine Lu, PharmaSUG 2008

"Nice to learn more about ODS and I am glad to receive the downloads for the Clinical presentation also. Thank you for these excellent learning materials!!! Glad I got a chance to attend your informative sessions."

Margaret Burgess, NESUG 2008

Download Hands On Workshop Presentation File and SAS Programs

Media: How ODS Tech for Decision Makers.ppt

Media: HOW ODS Word Handout.pdf

Media: How ODS

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