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ODS and Web Enabled Device Drivers: Displaying and Controlling Large Numbers of Graphs

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With the advent of the Output Delivery System, ODS, it has become much easier to generate graphs that can be displayed online. ODS works with web enabled device drivers such as GIF, HTML, and WEBFRAME to create graphs that can be browsed and even interactively modified by the user. Coordination becomes problematic however, when a large number of graphs need to be displayed. Tools and techniques are available that permit the programmer to create hot zones that allow the user to drill down through graphs and index tables to find the graphs of interest. Coding techniques, including the use of macros to control the process, can be used to simplify the process of managing, naming, and locating large numbers of graphs. Although primarily directed to graphical displays of the data, many of these same techniques can be applied to reports and data summaries.

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