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Online Communities Meetup 2014

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SAS Global Forum 2014 Online Community Meet-Up

If you were not able to attend the SAS Global Forum 2014 Online Communities Meetup, videos of the presentation are provided below.

This particular meetup was for ALL of the SAS user on-line forums. SAS-L, the SAS Discussion Forums,,, the SASProfessionalsForum (LinkedIn) and SASCanadaCommunity were represented.

This year's auction item as a full set of the original SUGI proceedings. The set included all of the originals for 1977 thru 1996, and an original 1976 copy has been autographed by Jim Goodnight, John Sall, and J. Philip Miller (i.e., three of the presenters at that first conference). All proceeds from the auction went to the conference's book drive.

Introduction, SAS Canada Community and SASProfessionalsForum (LinkedIn)

SAS-L and


Auction and Conclusion


Mr.jpg Mike Rhoads    wikidb_64_l.jpg Art Carpenter     wikidb_5_l.jpg Don Henderson     Rfehd.jpg Ron Fehd     Geoffrey Taylor PAS.jpg Geoffrey Taylor     wikidb_45_l.jpg Phil Holland     wikidb_6048_l.jpg Matt Malczewski