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PROC REPORT: Compute Block Basics

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One of the unique features of the REPORT procedure is the Compute Block. Unlike most other SAS® procedures, PROC REPORT has the ability to modify values within a column, to insert lines of text into the report, to create columns, and to control the content of a column. Through compute blocks it is possible to use a number of SAS language elements, many of which can otherwise only be used in the DATA step.

While powerful, the compute block can also be complex and potentially confusing. This tutorial introduces basic compute block concepts, statements, and usages. It discusses a few of the issues that tend to cause folks consternation when first learning how to use the compute block in PROC REPORT.

Online Materials

View the pdf for this paper on the basics of REPORT's compute blocks.

Download the ZIP file associated with the Hands-on Workshop that accompanies this paper.

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