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PROC REPORT Basics: Getting Started with the Primary Statements

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The presentation of data is an essential part of virtually every study and there are a number of tools within SAS® that allow the user to create a large variety of charts, reports, and data summaries. PROC REPORT is a particularly powerful and valuable procedure that can be used in this process. It can be used to both summarize and display data, and is highly customizable and highly flexible.

Unfortunately for many of those just starting to learn PROC REPORT, the terms “customizable” and “flexible” often seem to be euphemisms for “hard to learn”. Fortunately PROC REPORT is NOT as hard to learn as it appears. All you really need to have in order to get started is a basic knowledge of a few primary statements.

In this introduction to PROC REPORT you will learn to use the PROC REPORT statement and a few of its key options. Several of the supporting statements, including COLUMN, DEFINE, BREAK, and RBREAK, and their primary options will also be covered.

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