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PROC TABULATE: Getting Started and Doing More

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Although PROC TABULATE has been a part of Base SAS® for a very long time, this powerful analytical and reporting procedure is very under utilized. TABULATE is different; it's step statement structure is unlike any other procedure. Because the programmer who wishes to learn the procedure must essentially learn a new programming language, one with radically different statement structure than elsewhere within SAS, many do not make the effort.

The basic statements will be introduced, and more importantly the introduction will provide a strategy for learning the statement structure. The statement structure relies on building blocks that can be identified and learned individually and in concert with others. Learn how these building blocks form the structure of the statement, how they fit together, and how they are used to design and create the final report will be presented.

Once the foundation is laid a number of intermediate level techniques, options, and statements that provide the TABULATE programmer with a wide range of power and flexibility are presented. These techniques include those that are often underutilized even by the more experienced TABULATE programmer.

Online Materials

View the pdf for PROC TABULATE.

This paper was initially presented as a Hands-on Workshop. The zip file of the data and examples can be downloaded here.

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