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PROC TEMPLATE, TITLE or ODS TEXT? Fitting 3 entity logos at the top of report pages.

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I have been asked to produce a series of reports with three "corporate" logos at the top of each page. I could create a 8 1/2 by 11 jpeg background to use in a PROC TEMPLATE with the three logos placed appropriately - or, I could use a title statement or ODS TEXT statement with the three logos. The PROC TEMPLATE method would give me the logos at the top of EVERY page, which may not be desirable in the case of multi-page tables. The title/ODS TEXT method would allow me to have the logos only at the top of each table/report, but seems to have much less control over image size, etc. In the cases of title/ODS TEXT, does anyone know of a way to have each logo with a different justification and/or how to control the SIZE of each logo?

Any and all suggestions welcome!

Thanks in advance, Louise