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Patient Profile App

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Patient profile.jpg

Dynamic Mobile Patient Profile

  • Real Time Patient Profile graphs and reports
  • Mobile Delivery of Patient Profile to iPhone/iPad
  • Easy Navigation by Domain, Study and Patient ID
  • Quick Search for Key Patient Profile by Keywords

Real Time Patient Profile

Patient Profile reports including Graph output from SAS programs are generated dynamically. Each request will execute a SAS program resulting in a report that reflects the latest data on the database.

Mobile Delivery

Patient Profiles are delivered as PDF or HTML directly to your iPhone or iPad. This can be accessed through Wifi or 3G data networks making it available virtually anywhere.

Navigational and Searchable

All patient profiles are organized by clinical domains, study and patient numbers. You can select form a pull down list to get to a specific patient report quickly from the user friendly multi-touch interface of the iPhone/iPad.

IPhone Screenshots

Ppa screen1.jpg

Ppa screen2.jpg

Ppa screen3.jpg

IPad Screenshots

Ppa ipad screen1.jpg

Ppa ipad screen2.jpg

Ppa ipad screen3.jpg

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