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PharmaSUG 2013 mini-NOTES

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We really appreciated and enjoyed PharmaSUG this year in Chicago and invite you to add your notes to the following.

Opening, Visual Analytics, and other advanced topics


Freelance Forum

Main page: PharmaSUG_Freelance_Forum

Selected presented papers

Main web page: [1]
Also: [2] Freelance Forum
Also: [3] PharmaSUG papers w/LexJansen


“What’s Hot, What’s Not”

Closing and Planning

June 1-4, 2014, will be the next PharmaSUG, in San Diego, CA.

Make reservations for the Hilton San Diego Bay Front

Here are the items brought up and discussed in the planning luncheon:
(Included here in case you want to compare to regional mtgs)
PharmaSUG 2014 Planning (items, keywords)
Here are reminder words about the dozen or so items:

The PharmaSUG App (could point to the abstracts)

Food was tremendous, a great draw and expectation

Marriott Hotel, (Internet flacked out)

Seats and seating

Combined Ribbon recognition evening, w/Entertainment

Demo Room, include Sunday night also?

Games: 40 people, was 5%.

Vendors liked some things

True paperless book -- CD for Sunday, w/abstracts? [ED: It was great that Lex Jansen had them online!]

Add some extra conference t-shirts, as a buffer

Popular was Kirk Paul Lafler’s checking on Harbor Cruise

Add the floor level to the App info (if needed)

PR w/logo for next year

Ribbon for those that donate to our charity cause
[Discussion about the tax benefit to donors, cash.]
[ED: I’m in other groups that make a group donation.]

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