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Philip R Holland

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Philip R Holland (Holland Numerics Limited)

  • I first encountered SAS software in 1981 at the University of London Computer Centre, took my first SAS Certification exam in 1999, and became a member of the SAS Silver Circle in July 2006.
  • I founded my own consultancy company, Holland Numerics Limited, in 1992 based in Royston, Herts, UK. Before that I was a Systems Programmer at the University of London Computer Centre, a Systems Programmer and Performance Analyst at Prudential Assurance, and a Capacity Planner at CentreFile, all using IBM-compatible mainframes.
  • Since then I have worked on SAS-related projects in finance, insurance, retail, marketing, IT and pharmaceutical sectors both on-site and off-site in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK and USA. I have also worked on all the major platforms that support SAS software.
  • I have been presenting papers at SAS conferences in Europe and USA since 1995. Please check out my papers archive. I'm presenting 2 invited papers on ODS Statistical Graphics at SAS Global Forum 2010.
  • I am the Editor of VIEWS News, the quarterly journal of hints, tips and SAS-related news from the VIEWS International SAS Programmer Community. Please feel free to watch the VIEWS News page to be informed of new issues which are published in February, May, August and November each year. There is also a list of SAS-related events for the next few months, both inside and outside the UK, at the VIEWS Events Diary page. Click here for the VIEWS home page.
  • If you'd like to make use of my SAS skills in the future, then please consider the web-based SAS help desk service provided by my company, which offers monthly subscriptions or, if you prefer, you can pay for answers to single questions. Full details can be found at {sas.answers @ Holland Numerics}.

Any questions? Just email me.