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Placing Dates in Your Titles: Do It Dynamically

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Suppose you want your SAS® output to contain a date/time stamp. By default each output procedure places this information in the upper right corner on each page, this is a good start and is often 'good enough', but it has limitations. These limitations include; no choice in date format, no choice in where to put the date, and the date/time value may not be precise enough.

It is not uncommon to want to overcome these limitations by placing the date (time or date/time) in the title. To be practical, we do not want to recode the TITLE statement before each execution of the program. Recoding is avoided by placing the value dynamically (the program itself determines the correct values). A dynamic title will capture and use the actual date/time at the time of execution and could even use the format of your choice. This means that your favorite programs can produce titles with an accurate date and/or time stamp, without any intervention on your part.

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