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Portland Area SAS User Group

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Welcome to the Portland Oregon SAS® Users Group (PDXSUG). The purpose of this group is to help keep users in the Portland SAS® community informed and connected.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be a half day event on November 5, 2015. We will have a speaker from SAS and one from JMP
1. Exploring and Modeling Using Interactive Decision Trees in SAS® Enterprise Miner™
2. Discovering Patterns in Transactional Data Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™
3. Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization with JMP

Renu Gehring

Sumner Williams

Call for Papers

We would like you to submit a paper if you have an idea for a possible January meeting.

Past PDXSUG presentations

June 2, 2010
Effectively Manipulating the Meta Data of a Data Set, by Sumner Williams, CareOregon, Inc.

Top 10 SAS DBMS Performance Boosters, by Howard Plemmons, SAS
Paper 1
Paper 2

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