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Prepare to Make the Jump to Hiperspace

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Curtis A. Smith

Defense Contract Audit Agency

La Mirada, CA


A long time ago, on a mainframe far, far away, temporary SAS data libraries were always residing on disk space. While this works, using disk space requires I/O reads and writes. I/O is slow and usually costs the user mainframe charge-back costs. To eliminate I/O when using temporary SAS data sets, make the jump to Hiperspace. With the advent of the MVS/ESA operating system, memory is available as High Performance Space (Hiperspace) that SAS can use to store temporary SAS data sets. When this is done, SAS does not have to expend I/O to use the temporary SAS data sets. The result - less I/O and shorter processing time. Sound good? The author will show how to use and optimize Hiperspaces under MVS.

Online materials

Read the .pdf of this paper.


  • "Tuning SAS Applications in the MVS Environment', Michael A. Raithel, Chapter 11
  • Get Hiper About Hiperspaces, Fred Forst, SUGI 24 paper
  • SAS Technical Report P-218, Changes and Enhancements to the SAS System for the MVS Environment. (ISBN [ 1555444679])

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