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Presentations:Harryd Papers and Presentations

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Presentations at various local, regional and SAS Global Forum conferences by Harry Droogendyk may be found at

  1. Joining Data: Data Step Merge or SQL?
    Categories: Harryd Papers and Presentations, MERGE Statement, SQL Procedure
    This paper explores the joining of datasets / tables using both the data step MERGE and PROC SQL. Similarities between the two methods are identified and occasions when one method might be preferred over the other are discussed. Specific issues relating to INNER, OUTER and FULL joins are ..→
  2. SAS® Data Integration Studio – Take Control with Conditional & Looping Transformations
    Categories: DI Studio, Harryd Papers and Presentations, SESUG 2015
    SAS Data Integration Studio jobs are not always linear. While Loop transformations have been part of DI Studio for ages, only more recently has SAS Data Integration Studio included the Conditional Control transformations to control logic flow within a job. This paper will demonstrate the use ..→
  3. Which SASAUTOS Macros Are Available to My SAS® Session?
    Categories: Coder's Corner, Harryd Papers and Presentations, Macro Language, SAS Global Forum 2009
    The SAS installation process makes a number of SAS supplied macros available to your SAS session via the SASAUTOS option. In addition, useful macros created by users in your organization may be made available to SAS users via SASAUTOS or by way of the Compiled Stored Macro facility. But… ..→