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  1. Getting Up to Speed with PROC REPORT
    Categories: Kimlebouton Papers and Presentations, Presentations, REPORT Procedure, SUGI 2004, WUSS 2004, WUSS 2007, WUSS 2010, WUSS 2011, WUSS 2012, WUSS 2014
    Learning the basics of PROC REPORT can help the new SAS® user avoid hours of headaches. PROC REPORT can often be used in lieu of PROC TABULATE or DATA _NULL_ reporting--two areas that have driven the new SAS user ..→
  2. HELP, My SAS® Program isn't Working: Where to Turn When You Need Help
    Categories: Base SAS, KJL, Kimlebouton Papers and Presentations, Presentations
    Instead of a quick code fix, I often assist the SAS user by troubleshooting their issue with my knowledge of SAS and the SAS community. For over 20 years, I have provided SAS Technical Support, and this paper will present strategies I have used to work through simple to complex technical problems, ..→
  3. Kimlebouton
    Categories: Kimlebouton Papers and Presentations
  4. More Smokin' with e-Pipes
    Categories: FILENAME Statement, Kimlebouton Papers and Presentations, Presentations
    The FILENAME PIPE option can have your SAS(R) programs “smokin” in no time. FILENAME PIPE allows you to read in the output of many different operating systems commands. From there, you can load into a SAS dataset. As a SAS dataset, you now have the flexibility of the SAS language, which will ..→