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Erik Larsen Papers and Presentations

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  1. SAS Dating Tips - A Beginner's Guide to SAS Dates
    Categories: Dates Times Datetimes, Larsen770 Papers and Presentations, Presentations, SESUG 2003
    Do you want to be the life of the party at SESUG 2003? Being proficient at using SAS dates and times may not make you instantly popular, but it will make your programs work better and allow you to use the power of SAS dates to manipulate data and make your reports and graphs look more ..→
  2. Using SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence to Automate a Manual Process: A Case Study
    Categories: Larsen770 Papers and Presentations, Presentations, WUSS 2013
    Often times while on a client site as a SAS consultant, you are faced with a project which involves many manual steps and can include both legacy code and Excel® spreadsheets. Running this code (or possibly segments of code, depending on what the results are) along with some cutting and pasting ..→