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Presentations:MarkJordan Papers and Presentations

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Papers and presentations by Mark Jordan

Contact Mark at his discussion page.

  1. High Energy SAS(Paper 236-27)
    Categories: MarkJordan Papers and Presentations, SUGI 2002
    It is a challenge to oversee the installation, maintenance, training, and user support of any large software package in a rapidly growing organization. This paper will share the opportunities, bumps, and triumphs of administering SAS in a corporation that has seen its SAS user community grow from ..→
  2. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: The many roles of the SAS consultant (Paper 144-29)
    Categories: MarkJordan Papers and Presentations, SUGI 2004
    Unlike many software packages, the user base for SAS doesn’t fit neatly into either a Systems Development or End-User tool. Users span organizations from corporate development to ad-hoc reporting. Not only do the users have different skills and requirements from the software, but they place ..→
  3. Using Base SAS® to Extend the SAS® System (Paper 013-2014)
    Categories: DS2 Procedure, FCMP Procedure, Macro Language, MarkJordan Papers and Presentations, SAS Global Forum 2014
    This paper demonstrates how to use Base SAS® tools to add functional, reusable extensions to the SAS® system. Learn how to: * Write user-defined macro functions that can be used inline with any other SAS code. * Use PROC FCMP to write and store user-defined functions that can be used in ..→