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Programming With CLASS: Keeping Your Options Open

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Many SAS® procedures utilize classification variables when they are processing the data. These variables control how the procedure forms groupings, summarizations, and analysis elements. For statistics procedures they are often used in the formation of the statistical model that is being analyzed. Classification variables may be explicitly specified with a CLASS statement, or they may be specified implicitly from their usage in the procedure.

Because classification variables have such a heavy influence on the outcome of so many procedures, it is essential that the analyst have a good understanding of how classification variables are applied. Certainly there are a number of options (system and procedural) that affect how classification variables behave. While you may be aware of some of these options, a great many are new, and some of these new options and techniques are especially powerful. You really need to be open to learning how to program with CLASS.

Online Materials

View the pdf for Programming with CLASS.
Presented as both a Tutorial and a Hands-on-Workshop, this ZIP file contains the workshop code and data used in the workshop.
Although the details are in the paper a copy of the HOW PPT slides can be found here.

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