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Programming for Job Security: Maximize Your Indispensability - Become a Specialist

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Art Carpenter California Occidental Consultants


A great deal has been said about programming techniques designed for the efficiency and maintainability of SAS® programs. We are taught to write code that minimizes machine and programmer resources. Unfortunately, easily maintained code requires fewer programmers, and fewer programmers means pink slips and less job security. In these troubled times, programmers need to be able to maximize their indispensability. They need to become a specialist; a Job Security Specialist.

Job Security Specialists can protect themselves and their families by applying the tips and techniques discussed within this paper. The programmer will be advised when to apply the techniques, and whether the use of the techniques should be subtle or gross.

Techniques will cover programming style, editing style, naming conventions, as well as, statements to use and to avoid. You will learn to blur data steps, make non-assigning assignment statements, re-write functions, take advantage of obscure options, use language 'features' to full effect, and in general write code that not even you will be able to figure out how or why it works.

With understanding comes the first steps in becoming a Job Security Specialist. Becoming a specialist in any field of endeavor takes time and effort. A Job Security Specialist must devote minutes to becoming more then a mere programmer. Learn more in this informative paper.

Online Materials

The talk associated with this paper was presented by Art Carpenter as a luncheon keynote at SAS Global Forum 2008 in San Antonio, TX.

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Feel free to contact Art at Art Carpenter's discussion page. Please add some of your own favorite Job Security Techniques.