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QRCode Creation for Papers and Presentation Pages

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You must be logged in in order to complete the functions on this page. Please login and then return to this page., the QRCode for your Papers and Presentations page does not exist. Follow the instructions below to create it and upload it to the wiki.

  1. Create the QRCode image by right clicking on this link, and select 'Open link in new tab/window'
  2. Then, right click on the image and save it (e.g., Save picture as . . .) to your local file system as a png file.
    Remember where you saved it, as you will need that information in the last step below.
  3. You can now close that browser window.
  4. And last, right click here to open a new window and
    1. in the Source file entry area select the Browse button select the file you just saved
    2. then select the Upload file button to save the image on

Note: If your pop-up blocker is not allowing right-clicks to open in a new window, hold the CTRL key down while right clicking.

To include your QRCode on a page, just edit the page and enter this wiki text: