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Quick Results with the Output Delivery System

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by Sunil Gupta

Improve the appearance of your SAS output today! Learn the basic concepts of the Output Delivery System (ODS) and apply ODS features to your SAS output quickly and effectively. This book discusses issues associated with defining and selecting output destinations, selecting output objects, and creating customized output files. By using the step-by-step examples provided throughout the book, you will learn the benefits of ODS, and you will see immediate results in the output you produce. This book addresses the following topics: understanding the structure of ODS statements, generating ODS reports, routing output from several SAS procedures, manipulating ODS objects, writing to the ODS OUTPUT destination, working with ODS destinations and objects, and enhancing reports with ODS styles.

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- Lesley Harschnitz, Toronto-Area SAS Society [2].

- Susan J. Slaughter, Avocet Solutions, William Hewitt, Ph.D., West Chester University [3].

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- Quick Results with the Output Delivery System

- ODS Technology for Todays Decision Makers

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This is a book in "Art Carpenter's SAS Software Series".

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