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Rapid Application Development of a Decision Support System using Object Oriented Programming

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Amy Roehrig

Trilogy Consulting Corporation

Pleasant Grove, UT


Constantly changing business needs require flexible, easily modifiable Decision Support Systems (DSS). An added level of complexity is introduced by changes to the underlying data location, structure, meaning, or scale. Object Oriented design techniques provide us with a mechanism for crafting DSS which are scalable as well as easily modified. Utilizing specific design patterns, we can provide a system that will work with changing data structures and meanings, and the growth of business logic.

This paper presents an Object Oriented design approach to the development of a Decision Support System. It presents solutions to the problems of providing flexibility, usability, and maintainability in one package. The techniques explored are of general interest to anyone involved in application development. Extensive knowledge of SAS/AF, other SAS products involved, or Object Oriented design is not required to derive benefit from the theories presented here.

Online resources

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