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Reading Multiple Sheets from Excel Using SAS®

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When importing data from Microsoft Excel into SAS you can use the IMPORT Wizard, PROC IMPORT, ODBC, PROC DBLOAD, PROC ACCESS, – DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange). When multiple worksheets need to be imported, it adds more complexity. We have to specify the different sheet names by hard coding, so that the sheet names are visible to the SAS system. In most of the multi-sheet situations, the number of worksheets, sheet names happens to be different, and sometimes the column names in sheets are too messy to be used.

This paper describes how to read in multiple sheets from a work book, append the datasets created by importing sheets. This paper shows how it can be done using SAS 9.1 and SAS 9.2 (different codes).

Online resources

The .pdf of this paper can be downloaded from here.