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Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Data Right Over: Exploring External Geographic Data Sources with SAS

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The intrepid Mars Rovers have inspired awe and Curiousity - and dreams of mapping Mars using SAS/GRAPH®. This presentation will demonstrate how to import SHP file data (using PROC MAPIMPORT) from sources other than SAS and GfK to produce useful (and sometimes creative) maps. Examples will include mapping neighborhoods, zcta5 areas, postal codes and of course, Mars. Products used are Base SAS® and SAS/GRAPH®.

Download the paper: MWSUG_2016_Hadden_DV05R2.pdf

Download the presentation: MWSUG 2016 DV05R1.pptx

Wordcloud for the paper: MWSUG2016 wordcloud DV05R2.jpg

Contact the author for code samples, Louise Hadden,

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