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SAS Global Users Group/Conference Chair Nomination

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TO: Prospective SAS Global Forum Conference Chairs
FROM: SAS Global Users Group Leadership Development and Nominations Committee
SUBJECT: Request for Applications for SAS Global Forum 2021 Conference Chair

We are soliciting applications for the Conference Chair of SAS Global Forum 2021.

SAS Global Forum Conference Chair Roles and Responsibilities

Applicants should be active SAS users, authors, administrators, managers, and/or practitioners. The conference chair will focus on establishing conference content by working with the conference team to identify topics of interest, engage high profile speakers, encourage volunteer participation, and attract SAS users. Please refer to the section “Conference Chair Roles and Responsibilities” (page 8) of the “SGUG EB and Conference Committee Roles” document to further understand the depth and breadth of the Chair involvement in conference planning and execution and the time commitments required. Additional information on the Conference Team and Executive Board is included in the “SGUG EB and Conference Committee Roles” document.

Benefits of serving as SAS Global Forum Conference Chair

Chairing SAS Global Forum may provide a number of benefits to you and your company including:

  • Visibility in the SAS Community
  • Leadership Development/Experience in leading a World-wide Conference
  • Technical Development/Additional knowledge and expertise in SAS
  • Reputation as a Leader in Technology/Company Brand exposure
  • Collaboration with SAS Leaders/Executives.

Application Process

Application deadline: February 18, 2018.
Applications may be submitted to the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board Leadership Development and Nominations Committee Chair, Jennifer Waller (

Please include the following items with your electronic submission:

  • A brief cover letter
  • A conference experience resume
  • A professional resume or curriculum vitae
  • Three to four references

The cover letter will inform the Executive Board (EB) of your desire to lead the conference in 2021, your employer's level of commitment and support, your ability to devote time and resources to the task, and your vision of how you might enhance the conference. This may sound a bit daunting, but we are not asking for your final plans - just your ideas on how SAS Global Forum can continue to serve and grow the SAS Community.

Your conference experience resume should address what roles you have played in previous SAS Global Forum or other conferences (regional, local or in-house user-groups; other professional conferences). Please include how your role has evolved as you have participated in different aspects of these groups and conferences.

Your professional resume should be sufficient to give us an idea of your professional affiliations and job history and help the committee understand your experience and network both inside and outside of the SAS world.

Your references should reflect individuals who can speak to your professional and SAS expertise. Note that these references may or may not be contacted by the review committee.

Candidates selected for interviews will be advised by March 11, 2018. The interview process will start via conference call, and successful candidates may need to be available on Sunday, April 8 at SAS Global Forum 2018 for face-to-face interviews.

The full SAS Global Users Group Executive Board will select the conference chair from the strongest candidates.

If you are not interested in applying but know of someone who might be interested in applying for SAS Global Forum 2021 Conference Chair, please forward this letter to them.

SAS Global Forum and the entire SAS community will benefit from your interest and participation!

Thank you,

The SAS Global Users Group Executive Board Leadership Development and Nominations Committee:

  • John Amrhein
  • Rick Mitchell
  • Jerry Oglesby
  • Jennifer Waller (Chair,
  • Nancy Wilson