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Research Analyst/SAS Statistical Programmer - WA Dept. Social & Health Services - Olympia, WA

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COMPANY: Research and Data Analysis (RDA) is centrally positioned within the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to provide data, analytics, and decision support tools to improve the delivery of services that transform lives. RDA staff work to provide policy makers and program managers with relevant data, analyses, and information to support innovations that improve the effectiveness of services for clients, and to provide DSHS program staff and contracted service providers with access to data-driven decision support applications to improve decisions about client care. RDA is a national leader in the use of administrative data for policy-relevant research and performance measurement.

POSITION: The Research and Data Analysis Division of DSHS (RDA) is seeking an Information Technology Specialist 5 (ITS5)/Data Manager/Behavioral & Physical Health. You will work in the Research and Data Analysis (RDA) Program Research and Evaluation Section (PRES), Social and Health Services Unit.

JOB DURATION: Full Time - Permanent