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Running SAS on Macintosh OS X 10.4 and Abo

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There is no native Mac OS version of SAS. However, for a small investment, you can buy VMWare or Parallels and run SAS in a virtual machine environment. I've used both for years on a daily basis and never had any problem. I don't have any real preference. I use VMware at work and Parallels at home simply because that is what was installed. You DO need to purchase Windows if you don't already have it, or you can create a Unix virtual machine. I have Ubuntu running under both VMware and Parallels and it works fine. Both of these are 32-bit. SAS does not officially support Ubuntu but it works fine for me. There is no SAS Enterprise Guide for Unix so that is a bit annoying.

I also run Windows XP, Vista, Vista 64, Windows 7 and Windows 7 on my virtual machines.

The main thing you need to know is ALLOCATE ENOUGH MEMORY. On one computer, I actually bought more memory so I could allocate more to the virtual machine, 2GB for the virtual machine is a minimum, 4 GB is much better. I don't think it is a good idea to allocate more than half of the RAM to your VM so you are talking a computer that has 4 - 8GB of RAM and then using the settings in your vm to allocate half of that to the virtual machine.

If you have a VM running and a bunch of other things in the background, it may be slow. I usually just do whatever I need on SAS on the virtual machine with everything else on the Mac that is not in the VM closed.

A second option is to use JMP. JMP scripting language (JSL) is NOT the same as SAS. However, if what you need is to analyze SAS datasets, you can just open a SAS transport file from the File menu by pointing and clicking. Supposedly you can run SAS from JMP if you have integration technologies installed, but I don't, so I can't vouch for that.

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