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SAS® Certification: Is it for You?

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Sarbjit Rai

Genentech Inc.

South San Francisco, CA


The SAS Certified Professional Program was launched by SAS Institute, Inc. in 1999 to recognize users who can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of SAS software. The program consists of five certifications across a number of functional areas. There are several SAS courses which prepare users for the certification exams. To date many programmers have taken these courses, some experienced users just take the exams, and there are many other SAS savvy professionals who are experienced but not SAS certified!

This paper will review the benefits and limitations of the Certification Program for new SAS users as well as those who are more experienced and investigate whether it meets the needs of the user community. Why get certified? What's in it for you? The impact of the Certification Program on SAS jobs and its importance in industry vs. work experience and other SAS training courses will also be explored from an end user's perspective.

Online resources

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