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SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2: Getting to Code You

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Andy Ravenna, SAS Institute Inc.


Both longtime and new users to SAS have a need for SAS Enterprise Guide to write and run their code. Longtime users are accustomed to typing all their code into the Program Editor window and simply hitting the Submit key. New users do not have this same set of expectations. However, both users will profit from the many features of SAS Enterprise Guide such as modifying code that has been written by a task.

This beginning tutorial introduces SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 to old and new users of SAS who need to code. It focuses on the key points of a session involving coding: creating a project; accessing your data; writing, modifying, and storing your code. It also answers several common questions for SAS coders, such as ‘How do I write a LIBNAME statement in SAS Enterprise Guide?’ and ‘How can I get to the code from a task and make changes to it?’ Attendees receive enough information that they can return to the office with the confidence to start coding with SAS Enterprise Guide.


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Sample Code and Data

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