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This is a "birds of a feather" ("meetup" or, as it is now called, "LinkUp") session held each year at the SAS Global Forum (SGF, formerly SUGI).

Anyone attending SGF with an interest in SAS-L, or any of the on-line SAS-related lists or communities, is welcome to attend, in particular anyone who has posted, or read something useful on SAS-L or any of the SAS-related discussion and networking facilities.

The first SAS-L BOF was in 1987 at SUGI 12 and Nelson Pardee had presented a paper at SUGI 13 in Orlando on SAS-L.

In 2010, for the SGF in Seattle, the evening sessions were renamed "MeetUp" sessions.

In 2011, for the SGF in Las Vegas, the meetup was expanded to include and the SAS Discussion Forum and topics.

In 2012, for the SGF in Orlando, the meetup was expanded to include and the SASCanadaCommunity. An auction was added to the agenda with one of Ron Fehd's famous hats being auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Forum's book drive, namely $111.00.

In 2013, for the SGF in San Francisco, the meetup was expanded to include the SASProfessionals Forum. Again, Ron Fehd donated another one of his famous hats for the auction and $235.35 was raised for the book drive.

In 2014, for the SGF in National Harbor (Washington), the meetup included SAS-L,, the SAS Discussion Forums,, the SAS Professional Forum, and the SAS Canada Community. This year, for the first time, SAS provided drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and broadcast the meeting as a live (and recorded) WebEx conference. The meetup's auction item was a full set of the original SUGI proceedings and volume 1 ('76) was autographed by Jim Goodnight, John Sall and Phil Miller. The auction raised $406.00 for the book drive.

In 2015, for the SGF in Dallas, the LinkUp included SAS-L,, the SAS Support Communities (previous known as the SAS Discussion Forums),, the SAS Professional Forum (both on LinkedIn and Google+), and the SAS Canada Community. This year, SAS again provided drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and broadcast the meeting as a live (and recorded) WebEx conference. The LinkUp had a couple of auction items, with the main attraction being another full set of the original SUGI proceedings, including an autographed Volume One (1976). The auction raised $620.00 for the book drive.

WebEx Recordings

Here are the recordings from the 2014 MeetUp

SAS-L statistics

One of the features of the BOF is a presentation of statistics -- basically just counts of SAS-L posts, sliced and diced in various ways. To view any presentation, click on the far left item on its menu, and then PgDn through the presentation.

The 2008 presentation

The 2009 presentation

The 2010 presentation

The 2011 presentation

The 2012 presentation

The 2013 presentation

The 2014 presentation

SAS-L BOF and award photos

Miscellaneous SAS-L photos

Here is a collection maintained by Chuck Patridge[[1]]

2007 photos

2007 SASLROY winner Ken Borowiak with certificate

2010 photos

Mike Rhoads Presents the 2010 FOSL Award to Lex Jansen. Mike and Lex were actually much more focused than this at the conference.

2011 photos

Art Tabachneck and Jack Hamilton after being inducted into the SAS-L Hall of Fame.

2012 photos

2013 photos

2014 photos (courtesy of Michael Raithel)

2015 photos

SAS-L awards

"These awards are not associated with any cash value, nor marketing value (I doubt one will have a hiring or contractual advantage based on his Hall of Fame, MVS, or Rookie of the Year BOF award)." (Paul Dorfman, Apr 19 2002) The assistance to others becomes the reward.

Award descriptions

SAS-L Hall of Fame

The SAS-L Hall of Fame honors SAS-L participants who have made outstanding contributions to the group over a period of years. Former winners of the Most Valuable SAS-L award (see below) who are among the top MVS vote-getters in a subsequent year are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Most Valuable SAS-Ler (MVS)

The MVS award recognizes people who contributed most significantly to SAS-L during the previous year. SAS-L participants initially nominate candidates. Following the nomination period, each SAS-L member is asked to vote for the candidate who they feel is the most deserving. One or more awards is given based on the distribution of votes. Members of the SAS-L Hall of Fame are no longer eligible for the MVS, and previous MVS winners who finish among the top vote-getters a second time are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

SAS-L Rookie of the Year (SASLROY)

The SAS-L Rookie of the Year award, or SASLROY ("SAS El Roy"), recognizes the person new to SAS-L making the most significant contribution to the discussions of the group. SAS-L participants initially nominate candidates. Following the nomination period, each SAS-L member is asked to vote for the "rookie" who they feel is the most deserving. The candidate with the most votes receives the SASLROY award.

SAS Institute Programming Omnibus Resource of the Year (SPORTY)

The SPORTY award is for the SAS Institute staff person who has helped SAS-L participants the most with technical support. This award is an opportunity for members of SAS-L to formally recognize outstanding work of SAS Institute staff in this role. SAS-L participants make nominations and comments, with the winner(s) among the nominees determined after consultation between the SAS-L BOF Steering Committee and senior staff in the SAS Technical Support division.

This award was previously known as the SAS Institute Consultant of the Year (SICY).

Friend of SAS-L (FOSL)

The FOSL is awarded on an occasional basis to individuals who have been consistent supporters of the SAS-L community over the years, in ways other than posting messages.

Award winners

SAS-L Award Winners
Conference Hall of Fame Most Valuable SAS-Ler
SAS-L Rookie of the
SPORTY Friend of SAS-L
SAS Global Forum 2015 (Dallas) [Not awarded] Søren Lassen Zach Feinstein [Not awarded]  
SAS Global Forum 2014 (National Harbor) Nat Wooding
Joe Matise
[Not awarded] Subin Alex [Not awarded]  
SAS Global Forum 2013 (San Francisco) [Not awarded] Joe Matise Matt Kastin [Not awarded]  
SAS Global Forum 2012 (Orlando) [Not awarded] Nat Wooding Rick Wicklin (SI) [Not awarded]  
SAS Global Forum 2011 (Las Vegas) Art Tabachneck
Jack Hamilton
[Not awarded] Yinglin (Max) Wu
Sterling Paramore
[Not awarded]  
SAS Global Forum 2010 (Seattle) [Not awarded] Art Tabachneck Liang Xie (oloolo) [Not awarded] Lex Jansen
SAS Global Forum 2009 (National Harbor) data _null_ [Not awarded] Joe Matise [Not awarded]  
SAS Global Forum 2008 (San Antonio) [Not awarded] data _null_ Mary Howard Gerri Furlow  
SAS Global Forum 2007 (Orlando) Toby Dunn [Not awarded] Ken Borowiak Lynn Curley
Vince DelGobbo
SUGI 31 (2006, San Francisco) [Not awarded] Toby Dunn
Sig Hermansen
Kumar Sridhar Chevell Parker  
SUGI 30 (2005, Philadelphia) Richard DeVenezia Jack Hamilton Toby Dunn Wes Smith Warren Sarle
SUGI 29 (2004, Montréal) Dale McLerran
Howard Schreier
Richard DeVenezia Chang Chung Jeff Cartier  
SUGI 28 (2003, Seattle) David Cassell
Ya Huang Kevin Myers Amber Elam Dave Brumitt
Joe Kelley
Paul Kent
Rick Langston
SUGI 27 (2002, Orlando) Peter Crawford David Cassell
Dale McLerran
Kevin Viel Peter Ruzsa  
SUGI 26 (2001, Long Beach) Paul Dorfman Peter Crawford
Charles Patridge
Curtis Smith Marcus Howell  
SUGI 25 (2000, Indianapolis) Ian Whitlock Peter Crawford
Paul Dorfman
Bob Virgile Chevell Parker  
SUGI 24 (1999, Miami Beach) [no awards]        
SUGI 23 (1998, Nashville) [no awards]        
SUGI 22 (1997, San Diego) [no awards]        
SUGI 21 (1996, Chicago)   Tim Berryhill
Phil Mason
Ian Whitlock
John Whittington
SUGI 20 (1995, Orlando)   Phil Mason
Tom Skinner
Ian Whitlock
SUGI 19 (1994, Dallas)   Kernon Gibes
Howard Schreier
Ian Whitlock