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SAS/GRAPH® and GfK Maps: a Subject Matter Expert Winning Combination

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SAS® has an amazing arsenal of tools to use and display geographic information that is relatively unknown and underutilized. High quality GfK Geocoding maps have been provided by SAS since SAS 9.3 M2, as sources for inexpensive map data dried up. SAS has been including both GfK and "traditional" SAS map data sets with licenses for SAS/GRAPH for some time, recognizing there will need to be an extended transitional period. However, for those of us who have been putting off converting our SAS/GRAPH mapping programs to use the new GfK maps, the time has come, as the "traditional" SAS map data sets are no longer being updated. If you visit SAS MapsOnline, you will find only GfK maps in current maps. The GfK maps are updated once a year. The presentation walks through the conversion of a long-standing SAS program to produce multiple US maps for a data compendium to take advantage of GfK maps. Products used are Base SAS® and SAS/GRAPH®.

Download the paper: MWSUG 2016 Hadden DV04R1.pdf

Presentation coming when I shrink it down

Wordcloud for the paper:

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Contact the author for code samples, Louise Hadden,

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