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SAS Data Integration Studio

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SAS Data Integration Studio is a graphical user interface for generating and managing SAS code. It can be used to integrate enterprise data from various source data systems into a data warehouse as well as integrate reporting and other SAS code written using other SAS applications. It allows users with minimal SAS programming experience to develop data processes without needing to learn how to write SAS code first. However, it also allows the experienced SAS programmer to write and integrate custom code into standard processes in a resuable way.


SAS Data Integration Studio was initially known as SAS ETL Studio.

  • Versions 3.3 and 3.4 are compatable with SAS 9.1.
  • Versions 4.2 and 4.21 are compatable with SAS 9.2.
  • Versions 4.3 to 4.6 are compatable with SAS 9.3.
  • Versions 4.7 to 4.9 are compatable with SAS 9.4.


Explain: Jobs, Transformations, Mapping, Libraries and Tables.


Transformations are used to transform data contained in one or more input table(s) into one (or more) output tables. Transformations generally implement a standard piece of SAS Code, such as a Procedure or Data step, with supporting macro code to allow almost any conceivable situation to be handled. Users can even write their own transformations if, in the rare situation, none of the standard ones are suitable.

Access Transformations

  • File Reader
  • File Writer
  • Table Loader

Analysis Transformations

  • Forecasting

Control Transformations

  • Loop
  • Loop End
  • Return Code Check

Data Transformations

  • Append
  • Compare Tables
  • Data Transfer
  • Key Effective Dates
  • Lookup
  • Model Scoring
  • Rank
  • SCD Type 1 Loader
  • SCD Type 2 Loader
  • Sort
  • Splitter
  • User Written Code

Data Quality Transformations

  • Apply Lookup Standardization
  • Create Match Code
  • DataFlux Batch Job
  • DataFlux Data Service
  • Standardize with Definition

SQL Transformations

  • Create Table
  • Delete
  • Execute
  • Extract
  • Insert Rows
  • Join
  • Merge
  • Set Operators

Miscellaneous Transformations

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