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SAS Energy Risk User Group

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SAS® Energy Risk User Group

Welcome to the SAS Energy Risk User Group page on Whether you are a seasoned SAS software user with experiences to share or a newcomer who'd like to interact with other users, this is an excellent way to help you get the most value from your SAS investment and is your place to interact with other SAS Energy Risk Users.

Next Virtual Meeting - Fall 2012 - Topic and details TBD - check back shortly for updates

SAS® Energy Risk User Group Objectives

• Provide a forum for group members to research and educate themselves on innovative methods and techniques.

• Provide a forum for ideas, information and best-practices exchange between SAS and its users.

• Encourage panel discussions and presentations by group members on what they're doing with SAS Energy Risk Solutions.

Archive of Past Meetings

Click here to view on demand the June 7th, 2012 Energy Risk User Group Meeting.