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SAS Global Forum (SGF) 2014 Reflections

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SAS Global Forum (SGF) Reflections

For those who attended to reflect, and for those who didn’t to participate, here are some thoughts and reflections about the just-concluded SAS Global Forum, DC, 2014.

From Kirk Paul Lafler, here are some highlights reflected from and which he sent to his contact list. Some of the top events were shown via live broadcast.

“Enjoy, learn and experience the greatest show on earth for SAS users!” – Kirk Paul Lafler

SAS® Global Forum 2014 Conference Overview

SAS® Global Forum 2014 Live and On Demand

SAS® Global Forum 2014 Conference Published Papers

SAS® Global Forum 2015 Conference Highlights

SAS Global Forum 2014 Online Communities Meet-Up

  • Welcome (Mike Rhoads)
  • SAS Canada Community (Matt Malczewski)
  • SAS Professional Forum (Phil Holland)
  • SAS (Geoffrey Taylor)
  • SAS Discussion Forums (Art Carpenter)
  • (Don Henderson)
  • SAS-L (Ron Fehd)
  • SAS-L Awards (Mike Rhoads)
  • Auction (for Child Book Drive)
  • Discussion / Wrap Up

Watch video, see portrait-pictures, and see reports at:

More pictures from the leaders of SAS-L: