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SAS Global Forum 2009 - International Forum and Reception

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International Forum and Reception at SAS® Global Forum 2009

This is a reminder as well as invitation to a special International Forum and Reception at SAS® Global Forum 2009 from the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board, to attend a forum and reception for international attendees at SAS Global Forum 2009.

The Executive Board wants the SAS Global Forum, our annual international meeting of SAS users, to be truly international. We want to hear from you about ways to engage more international attendees and improve their experience at the annual meeting. We hope you will share your reasons for coming to this year's meeting and give us ideas about how we can increase the chances of you being a regular attendee and of bringing some of your colleagues with you. We would also like to learn if there is a role we can play in addressing any needs in your countries and localities.

The reception, with light refreshments, will be at the Gaylord National Resort Convention Center in Room National Harbor 12 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Monday, March 23 featuring a panel discussion on User Groups' success stories and lessons learned from various international SAS user groups.

Please come. We look forward to meeting and hearing from you in Washington D.C.

Gerry Hobbs Chair, SAS Global Users Group Executive Board


If you have any questions, that you would like to have addressed, please post them below. Add # before your question.

  1. Why do you attend SAS Global Forum?
  2. What are the obstacles to your attending SAS Global Forum in the US?
  3. Are they things we could do differently that would make SAS Global Forum even more appealing?
  4. Would a networking opportunity among other international attendees be a valuable experience?
  5. What other SAS meetings do you attend? Other meetings of any sort?
  6. How long do you stay in the US around SAS Global Forum?
  7. Do you take advantage of pre and post conference trainings? Topics of interest we could add?
  8. Do you know if any of your colleagues wanted to attend the SAS Global Forum but couldn't? If so, do you know why they did not attend?

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