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SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Education

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Chair: Diana Suhr

Educational institutions are challenged to spark innovation and expand educational opportunities during a time of shrinking resources. Presentations in this section will display techniques to combat challenges faced by administrators, teachers, and students. Appropriate topics for this section include:

  • Data mining applications, e.g. applied to enrollment management.
  • Business analytics for resource management and strategic planning.
  • Graphical applications to track changing conditions in an educational environment.
  • Collaboration between universities/schools to support teaching, learning and research.
  • Curriculum to enhance student achievement and teacher effectiveness.
  • Evaluating student and teacher performance.
  • Compliance to state and federal government mandates.
  • Data-driven decision making or integrating people, relationships, and information.
  • Technology transitions.


Webinars and WebEX for interactive instruction online

How about some papers on interactive instruction online?