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SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Reporting and Information Visualization

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Add Spices to Your Graphs Using the Annotate Facility

One of the most powerful features in SAS®/GRAPH is the Annotate facility. The Annotate facility uses a SAS data set to store the graphics instructions. Each observation in SAS data set corresponds to an instruction and the variables provide all information required to process each instruction. You can use the Annotate facility to add text, lines, bars, pie slices, or map to SAS/GRAPH procedure output. You can also produce custom graphics using the Annotate facility with the GSLIDE or GANNO procedures.

It sounds complicated but you definitely can grasp it within couple hours after you are guided through the paper. The basic necessary elements for developing the Annotate facility are introduced nicely by asking five “W” questions. The paper also shows you a simple way to debug the Annotate data set.

The paper shows how to place text on specific location and label data points for the X/Y plots through example. The elements of Bar charts are relabeled axis and a customized text is added through the Annotate facility. The Maps generated by GMAP can be added some spices using the Annotate facility.

The paper also shows you how to place custom graphic elements or other graphic enhancements on large number of graphs automatically based on the data from the Annotate facility constructed. This will eliminate a lot of manual processes.

SAS Integration with Flash/Flex

How can SAS content be visualized using Adobe Flash or Flex modules. For example, a dynamic interface to a graph.