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SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Statistics and Data Analysis

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Interface to R

Announced at SAS Global Forum 2009 was the capability to link between SAS and R. Given that many state of the art techniques are only available in R, this is an exciting concept to those who are regular SAS users and have their data stored in SAS. A paper about this would probably be quite useful.

Useful macros for statistical analysis

In the macro section, most papers are about macros to do things that are part of the data step. But there are lots of useful ways to use macros in statistical analysis. Most of these are fairly simple, but many people who use mostly (or only) SAS/STAT may not be aware of them. Even simply using macro variables can save a lot of time, but simple things like

%macro kwtest(iv); ods exclude WilcoxonTest; proc npar1way data = champ wilcoxon;

class &iv;
var &dv;

run; %mend kwtest;

can be very helpful when doing exploratory analysis.

This is good. I will be presenting a talk on macros for statisticians at the upcoming NESUG. Perhaps I will submit it for SGF as well.