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SAS Global Users Group Executive Board

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The SAS Global Users Group is governed by an Executive Board whose membership is composed of individuals who have been selected to chair the annual conference plus five SAS Institute representatives. Active members include:

John Amrhein: McDougall Scientific Ltd.

SAS Global Forum 2017 Chair

David Baggett: SAS Institute Inc.

Sally Carson: Zally & Associate Ltd.

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SUGI 9 Chair

Goutam Chakraborty: Oklahoma State University

SAS Global Forum 2018 Chair

Kathryn A. Council: SAS Institute Inc.

MaryAnne DePesquo: Healthcare Outcomes Consultant

SAS Global Forum 2019 Chair

Marje Fecht: Prowerk Consulting

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SAS Global Forum 2014 Chair

Dina Fiorentino: SAS Institute Inc.

James H. Goodnight: SAS Institute Inc.

Kenneth L. Koonce: Louisiana State University

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SUGI 6 Chair

Andrew T. Kuligowski: HSN

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SAS Global Forum 2012 Chair

Lisa Mendez: Quintiles IMS

SAS Global Forum 2020

J. Philip Miller: Washington University School of Medicine

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SUGI 8 Chair

Rick Mitchell: Westat

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SAS Global Forum 2013 Chair

Jerry L. Oglesby: SAS Institute Inc.

SUGI 18 Chair

Duke Owen: Peak Health Solutions

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SUGI 29 Chair

Jennifer Waller: Georgia Regents University

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SAS Global Forum 2016 Chair

Nancy Wilson: Ally Financial

SUGI 25 Chair
Jacksonville, FL

Pictures of board members can be found on