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SAS LA Forum Abstracts

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2015 Speakers

Why Econometrics Should Be in Your Analytics Toolkit: Applications of Causal Inference with SAS tools for Frequentist and Bayesian Statistics

Kenneth Sanford, SAS

An Introduction to SAS Survey Procedures

Christine Wells, UCLA

The Essentials of SAS Dates and Times

Derek Morgan, SAS Books Author

You Want ME to us SAS Enterprise Guide?

Vince DelGobbo, SAS

Starting with SAS®9, one copy of SAS Enterprise Guide is included with each PC SAS license. At some sites, desktop PC SAS licenses are being replaced with a single server-based SAS license and desktop versions of Enterprise Guide. This presentation will introduce you to the Enterprise Guide product, and provide you with some good reasons why you should consider using it.

Merge Using HASH - It Smokes Everything

Deepak Goel, MarketShare

Archived SAS LA Forum Invited

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