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SAS Studio

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SAS Studio is a web application for accessing SAS using a web browser. This makes it a cross-platform web interface that may be used on practically any device.

Although SAS Studio has fewer features than SAS Enterprise Guide, it provides an alternative user interface to programming in SAS and running SAS code that is entirely web browser-based. SAS Studio is intended for SAS users who previously would have used applications such as SAS Display Manager or Base SAS directly, rather than using applications such as SAS Enterprise Guide or SAS Data Integration Studio. Unlike SAS Enterprise Guide users, SAS Studio users will generally need to be able to program in SAS in order to use SAS Studio effectively.

One difference with SAS Studio is the ability to switch perspectives (via a drop-down menu). At this time, the available perspectives are SAS Programmer and Visual Programmer. Visual Programmer allows for process flows, and thus may be suited for those used to the graphical programming elements of EG.[1]

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