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SAS apps for Android and Chrome

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Any SAS programmer who carries an Android device can take advantage of the SAS community being developed by Philip R Holland. Just go to the following links if you are an Android device user. If you don't use Android devices, but use Google Chrome or Chromium browsers, then these apps can also be obtained from the Chrome Web Store by searching for "hollandnumerics".

Key features of the phone and tablets apps:

  • These apps, a series of eBooks about SAS software programming focusing on frequently asked questions and answers, are illustrated by code samples which can be sent by email directly from the app.
  • They have been designed to encourage users to contribute questions some of which will be included in future versions of the app.
  • There are controls to select specific questions, move to the previous or next question, decrease or increase the font to suit the user's preference, and send emails requesting answers to questions not yet included in that version of the eBook.

Howsasp06 screen1.png = Android smartphone app

Howsas06- screen4.png = Chrome browser app