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SCSUG 2010 Opening Session

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SCSUG — Austin Texas . . . November 8, 2010
States included: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana.
Opening session 8am [Monday] and presentations start at 8:30am
Closing session is Tuesday from 3:00pm to 3:30pm, then we fly out.

Welcome! South Central SAS User’s Group,
> 71 papers on Monday and Tuesday
> Post-conference training seminars on Wednesday
> > > Statistics for Non-Statisticians
> > > SAS Programming — Beyond the Basics
[It is ten minutes after the hour and attendees are mingling/networking.]

“Morning, Ya’all”, John Taylor gives the Texas greeting and welcome. I don’t work for SAS and we all have other jobs. Thanks for SAS people being here. This is a cost effective way to learn — take advantage of it. Let us know any way we can help.

Website is up on the screen, you can make suggestions there also. We are excited about the 71 contributed and invited papers, and that does not include the SAS super-demos.

Sessions include:
Foundations and Fundamentals
Enterprise Guide
Business Intelligence
Data Visualization and Graphics
Beyond the Basics
Pharma and Health Sciences
Social Media and Resources
Statistics and Data Analysis
Hands-on Workshops
SAS Super Demos

John goes over where the sessions will occur, leaders involved, and why he is excited about the key information that will be presented. He worked with Pharma SUG to bring in special speakers and a panel discussion. Social Media will be presented by SAS and other speakers.

The SAS super demos will occur in the demo room Super Demo Theater.

Sponsors were introduced and thanked: Benchworkzz; Smith Hanley Consulting Group;

Executive Committee was introduced ::
Lisa Mendez, Fred Janssen, Debbie Buck, Clarence Jackson, Minh Doung, Kevin Davidson, Ed Beattie, and others.

Michael Smith from SAS took the podium and brought up his powerpoint presentation. “SAS is proud to be an invited guest of SCSUG 2010”

SAS Support Summary
11 presentations
10 super demos
2 video posters
Booths in the demo area
SAS people to talk to you.

Demo Room Hours and relating activities were shown, including mixer.

Seven areas were shown, including “Customer Loyalty” booth.
Stop by the publications booth to enter the book drawing.
Innovation Wall . . . in the beginning. Write your experiences for a Wii.

9am What’s New in JMP . . . “New in JMP 9 by Chaz Pirrello”.

In summary, Thanks Your Co-chairs, Ann Stephan and John Taylor.
Thank You for Using SAS! concluded Michael Smith.

Announcing: Lisa Mendez and Ed Beattie, co-chairs in Ft Worth 2011-Nov.

Lisa explained the student scholarship program. They are students that work with SAS and are invited to be here and participate. U TX Austin, Oklahoma State, Northern Texas U. and others.

Junior professional award is for SAS programmers using SAS for less than three years and their company couldn’t afford to send them, we sponsored them here.

Michael Raithel was introduced as our luncheon keynote speaker. Debbie Buck was introduced as chair of SGF 2011 in Las Vegas.

Debbie Buck spoke and remembered starting in this region. She began as a volunteer. You also can be more involved. Talk to John the great SAS people.

Looking for a cost effective way to learn and interact with other SAS professionals? Come to SGF in April 2011 in Las Vegas. April 4-7. 300 talks, posters, keynote, Super Demos, workshops and social events. Go all in and win for you and your company.

“I hope to see you In Ft Worth next fall; and have a great conference”, Debbie Buck

“Now, go learn some things”, John Taylor. [(Feel free to edit-improve!)]

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