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APPEND Procedure(5 P)
CALIS Procedure(1 P)
CATALOG Procedure(2 P)
CIMPORT Procedure(1 P)
CLUSTER Procedure(2 P)
COMPARE Procedure(12 P)
CONTENTS Procedure(13 P, 1 F)
COPY Procedure(2 P)
CORR Procedure(2 P)
CPORT Procedure(1 P)
DATASETS Procedure(16 P)
DELETE Procedure(1 C, 2 P)
DISCRIM Procedure(1 P)
DISTANCE Procedure(2 P)
DOCUMENT Procedure(3 P)
DOWNLOAD Procedure(1 P)
DS2 Procedure(2 P)
EXPORT Procedure(10 P)
FCMP Procedure(11 P, 1 F)
FORMAT Procedure(1 C, 33 P, 3 F)
FORMS Procedure(1 P)
FREQ Procedure(26 P, 2 F)
GANNO Procedure(1 P)
GENMOD Procedure(1 P)
GEOCODE Procedure(1 C, 4 P)
GINSIDE Procedure(1 C, 1 P)
GIS Procedure(1 C, 3 P)
GLIMMIX Procedure(4 P)
GLM Procedure(4 P)
GLMSELECT Procedure(3 P)
GMAP Procedure(1 C, 8 P, 2 F)
GPLOT Procedure(4 P, 1 F)
GPROJECT Procedure(1 C, 1 P)
GREDUCE Procedure(1 C, 1 P)
GREMOVE Procedure(1 C, 1 P)
GREPLAY Procedure(1 P)
GROOVY Procedure(4 P)
HTTP Procedure(2 P)
IMPORT Procedure(10 P)
LIFEREG Procedure(1 P)
LOGISTIC Procedure(7 P)
MAPIMPORT Procedure(1 C, 2 P)
MEANS Procedure(13 P, 1 F)
MI Procedure(1 P)
MIANALYZE Procedure(1 P)
NLIN Procedure(1 P)
NLMIXED Procedure(3 P)
NPAR1WAY Procedure(1 P)
OPTIONS Procedure(3 P)
OPTLOAD Procedure(1 P)
OPTSAVE Procedure(1 P)
PHREG Procedure(2 P)
PLAN Procedure(2 P)
PRINCOMP Procedure(2 P)
PRINT Procedure(3 P, 1 F)
PRINTTO Procedure(4 P)
PROC Step(1 C, 5 P)
Procedure Statement(1 P)
PWENCODE Procedure(1 P)
QUANTREG Procedure(1 P)
RANK Procedure(2 P)
REG Procedure(5 P, 1 F)
REGISTRY Procedure(1 P)
REPORT Procedure(40 P, 2 F)
SETINIT Procedure(3 P)
SGPANEL Procedure(1 P)
SGPLOT Procedure(3 P)
[×] SGRENDER Procedure(empty)
[×] SGSCATTER Procedure(empty)
SORT Procedure(6 P)
SPELL Procedure(1 P)
SQL Procedure(10 C, 118 P, 6 F)
STREAM Procedure(3 P)
SUMMARY Procedure(18 P, 1 F)
SURVEYREG Procedure(1 P)
TABULATE Procedure(14 P)
TEMPLATE Procedure(18 P, 1 F)
TRANSPOSE Procedure(15 P)
TRANSREG Procedure(1 P)
TREE Procedure(1 P)
TTEST Procedure(1 P)
UNIVARIATE Procedure(11 P)
UPLOAD Procedure(2 P)

This category includes only a subset of SAS procedures. The SAS site provides a complete list.