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Saving Time and Money using SAS

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Saving Time and Money using SAS by Philip R Holland


Saving Time and Money Using SAS is a collection of strategic and tactical solutions to saving time and money by making better use of SAS software. It is aimed at users of SAS software who are either unwilling or unable to license additional SAS components but who wish to continue to license their existing components. All chapters describe methods for users to make better use of SAS components they already license. This book is not intended to be read from beginning to end, but to be used as a source of ideas to solve specific problems.

Now available worldwide (see Authorline for my interview, and SAS Press for my SGF podcast, and also on Squidoo).

Order this book from SAS Press. Also available from and, including a Kindle edition.

You'll learn how to perform many tasks, including the following:

  • access SAS data using the SAS ODBC Driver, DDE, and SAS Integration Technologies
  • make productive use of available space in mainframe, Windows, and UNIX/Linux environments
  • produce portable graphic report formats using SAS/GRAPH
  • import data from and export data to external databases and spreadsheets without using SAS/ACCESS
  • read specific data types from flat files into SAS data sets
  • develop SAS applications using SAS Enterprise Guide

Check out my papers archive.

This book includes updated versions of the following conference papers:

Reviews of this book can be found on the Discussion tab.

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