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Set Yourself Free –Use ODS Report Writing Technology in SAS Enterprise Guide Instead of Dynamic Data Exchange in PC SAS

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Set Yourself Free –Use ODS Report Writing Technology in SAS Enterprise Guide Instead of Dynamic Data Exchange in PC SAS by Robert Springborn, Ph.D.

ABSTRACT The ability to prepare complex reports and convey your message in a clear and concise manner is an absolute imperative in today’s sophisticated business environment. Clearly designed reports can enhance your organization’s credibility and reputation. The traditional use of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) to produce custom designed reports is the result of widespread and popular use of Microsoft Excel. However with most business organizations transitioning to SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI), where DDE is not compatible, ODS Report Writing technology is a powerful alternative to create custom designed reports in Adobe as a secured "pdf" file. The impetus for this paper was the need to create hospital specific data discrepancy reports which compare California CABG Outcome Reporting Program (CCORP) clinical data to OSHPD's hospital administrative data to verify risk factors used in a risk-adjusted operative mortality model featured in a OSHPD public report which publishes hospital performance scores for coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) in California. This paper also describes the importance of functional groups to organize SAS® code during report development. Finally a "peer-review" step-by-step process is described to obtain management and staff input to guide report development with minimal stress to all involved.

This paper received Best Contributed Award in the Applications Development Section at the Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) 2012 Conference in Long Beach, California.

Set Yourself Free Use ODS Report Writing Technology PartI.pdf

The sequel of this paper Part II SAS Code Revealed was presented as Invited Paper in the Applications Development Section at SAS Global Forum 2013 in San Francisco, California.

The paper can be found at:

The following links provide the presentation and the handouts for the SAS Global Forum 2013 paper.

Both papers were presented at the 2014 WUSS meeting in San Jose, California.

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