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So You Want To Write A SUGI Paper? That Paper About Writing A Paper

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Dianne Louise Rhodes
Westat, Rockville, MD


You just attended your first Users' Group conference, and you come out of one really good session thinking, "Hey, I could write a paper like that about My Project!" That's what happened to me after I attended my first NESUG in 1996. And it has happened to others; just recently, in fact, a colleague asked me where he could find "That Paper about Writing a Paper." We couldn't find anything providing specific guidelines on how to approach the process. This paper will introduce the paper writing process: choosing a topic, researching it, developing an outline, and actually writing the paper. I'll also walk through developing a presentation from an outline created in PowerPoint®. That's the best way I've found to ensure that the presentation and paper are in sync. I'll go over tips on making an effective presentation. Finally, in the reference section I'll provide other resources for writing good papers and giving good presentations.

This paper is a guide to get you started on writing a paper. There are entire books on the subjects touched on here. For more information, see the References.

Online resources

Download the .pdf of the paper here.