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Sometimes One Needs an Option with Unusual Dates

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Do you have date range analytical needs that you haven’t been able to solve with the SAS® interval and holiday functions? You have if those needs involved analyzing a date range that didn’t start at the beginning, end or middle of a given month, involved holidays other than the US and Canadian holidays that are incorporated in the holiday function, or if you had to analyze data related to virtually any annual sporting event. This paper shows how the intervalds option, introduced in SAS 9.2 phase 2, can be used to meet such needs and includes code for addressing fiscal years in Great Britain, Chinese, Hebrew and Islamic holidays, and for analyzing the various rounds of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

Online Materials

Click here to view the paper

Click here to download the SAS code for creating Hebrew and Islamic calendar interval datasets
Click here to download the SAS code for creating interval datasets for the Chinese Agriculture calendar
Click here to download the SAS code for creating an interval dataset for the NCAA March Madness Basketball tournament
Click here to download the SAS code for creating interval datasets for British fiscal years (i.e., April 6th - April 5th)

Powerpoint Presentation

The presentation is shown in the box, below, but the behavior is different for different browsers. With Chrome, the pdf menu will appear if you move your pointer to the lower part of the box. Click on the menu's far left item, then you can PgDn through the presentation. Also, with Chrome's menu, one of the icons will let you save the file so that you can open it, directly, using the free Adobe Reader. With Explorer the menu appears if you move your pointer toward the upper part of the box, but is only needed if you want to save the pdf. With Firefox, clicking the >> symbol at the upper-righthand corner of the box lets you save the file.

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