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  1. %Gettweet: A New SAS Macro to Fetch and Summarize Tweets
  2. 'Show Me the Green' through a Hosted Sustainability Solution for Higher Education
  3. 1631 - SAS® as a Code Manipulation Language: An Example of Writing a Music Exercise Book with Lilypond and SAS.
  4. 253-2010 An Overview of the CLASS, CONTRAST, and HAZARDRATIO Statements
  5. 6 Clinical Research Sr. SAS Programmer Positions - Austin, TX - Immediate Need - 3-6 month Contract at a CRO
  6. ASG, Inc. Opportunities
  7. A Clever Demonstrationof the SAS® SUBSTR Function
  8. A Fast Format Macro – How to Quickly Create a Format by Specifying the Endpoints
  9. A Guide for Connecting Java to SAS® Data Sets
  10. A Lazy Programmer Case Study: Dynamic Macro Code To Deal With Changing Number Of Variables Over Time
  11. A Macro for Importing Multiple Excel Worksheets into SAS® Data Sets
  12. A SAS Macro for Deming Regression
  13. A SAS® macro for constructing simultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial proportions
  14. A Simple Approach to the Automated Unit Testing of Clinical SAS® Macros
  15. A Tagset for Parsing RTF
  16. A is for Acronym!
  17. Action Sets
  18. Adapting Cassell’s SAS Randomization Test Wrapper For Unbalanced MANOVA
  19. Add Style to ODS Output by Stretching Your Inheritance in Version 9.2 SAS®
  20. Add To Item
  21. Adding anchors for the graphs which were generated by using proc gchart procedure with BY statement
  22. Advances in Bioinformatics and Genomics Symposium
  23. AmeriCredit: Credit Risk Analyst II (Fort Worth)
  24. AmeriCredit: Data Analyst II
  25. An Easier and Faster Way to Untranspose a Wide File
  26. Analyst / Programmer - Ware, Hertfordshire - UK
  27. AnalyticBridge - Network for Analytic and SAS Professionals
  28. Analytics Consultant 3- Intermediate SAS Consultant
  29. Analytics Consultant 4-Senior SAS Consultant -Frederick MD
  30. Announcement messaging for
  31. Application developer- SAS- Menlo Park, CA
  32. Architecting SAS in a Modern World: Best Practices for Design, Configuration and Management of SAS®
  33. Arrays and Proc SQL Question
  34. Ask for help ;how to draw this kind of picture? Thanks!
  35. Ask the Expert: Introduction to SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office
  36. Assigning a User-defined Macro to a Function Key
  37. Associate Director Biostatistics
  38. Association Rules and their applications
  39. Autocorrelation in Time Series Data : Cochrane-Orcutt
  40. Automating SAS with an Enterprise Job Scheduler
  41. Autorecode
  42. Avoiding force option in proc append
  43. Axis statement reference notes
  44. BI Flash
  45. Bank Analyst
  46. Base SAS Concepts - Puzzle
  47. Base SAS Concepts - Puzzle 1
  48. Base SAS Plug-ins
  49. Basics for Multi-echelon optimization
  50. Basics of using

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